Diversity and equality of opportunity

Promoting diversity and integration is our gain

(Photo: Hermes)

Against the background of demographic change, cultural diversity, inclusion and integration are major challenges for us – but they are also opportunities and are deserving of our endorsement. Hermes Germany employs staff from 82 nations and we take a clear stand against racism and xenophobia.

A central principle for Hermes is that discrimination will not be tolerated. Since 2006 we have signed up to the Charter of Diversity and are committed to providing equal opportunities to our employees regardless of gender, age, religion, sexual identity, origin or disability. We are also an active member of the Demography Network of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Structure of employees by age and gender (as of: 04/2018)

 Total (HG):Of whom female (HG)Of whom male (HG): Total (HES):Of whom female (HES)Of whom male (HES)
Total: 5,5551,3154,24038278304
25 and younger675102573421131
Over 60226391871138

Prerogative: women in management positions

Logistics is traditionally a male-dominated industry. A survey conducted by the German Logistics Association concludes that the proportion of women in management positions is less than ten percent in most companies in the industry.

And given the backdrop of an increasing shortage of skilled workers, our goal is to bring more women into management positions in service and administration. To achieve this, we have developed special measures and programmes. The women's network Flash@Hermes offers advice on job-related questions, exchanging knowledge and contacts. We also use special recruiting measures, e.g. by attending trade fairs. Additionally, we support development programmes such as the Otto Group’s‘Boost your Career’, a programme specifically designed for female talent.

From December 2015 to December 2017, the number of women in management positions at Hermes Germany and Hermes Einrichtungs Service rose by a total of 70.6%. At present, 11% of management positions are held by women at Hermes Germany, 21% at Hermes Einrichtungs Service. At Hermes Europe the proportion of women in management positions is 43%.

The integration of refugees is both an opportunity and a challenge

In the course of the ‘Kulturwandel 4.0’, the issue of diversity is being given even greater prominence Hermes and the integration of refugees has become particularly important. For this reason, we launched the Refugees in Training project in summer 2016, which offers individual entry opportunities at Hermes. In July 2016, Hermes provided information on this at the ‘Marketplace of Encounters’ in the Hamburg Chamber of Trades, where refugees and Hamburg companies came together to exchange professional perspectives and get to know each other. The aim of our programme is to allow young refugees the opportunity to try things out and show what they can do in a 6-12 month, long-term internship in an apprenticing company.