Culture in flux

Success is a culture of management that fosters identity

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Encouraging leadership is one of the key success factors of corporate management and it has a decisive influence on the culture of the company. A management culture that fosters identify is of central importance for Hermes and is constantly being further developed.

The restructuring taking place in the course of Bluefield has resulted in new and expanded requirements in terms of training and skills for our employees. In line with our Hermes management culture, we take our employees along on the path of transformation and enable them to help shape our cultural change through a series of targeted measures and programmes. Hermes is committed to a new, feedback-based culture of management.

This is laid down in our Hermesguiding principles of management:

  • Providing orientation
  • Acting consistently
  • Shaping change
  • Thinking in terms of solutions
  • Giving and taking responsibility

These principles facilitate innovative solutions that are based on trust, constructive dialogue and clearly defined goals and responsibilities, while at the same time providing scope for manoeuvre. This is enabling us to shape the future and ensure the success of our company.

In the course of our transformation process, we are constantly enhancing our learning and development programme. This includes measures aimed at managers, employees in new functions and specific function groups.

In continuous dialogue with our employees

Ongoing exchange and dialogue with our employees is part of Hermes' corporate culture. Only in this way can begin to understand the needs of our employees and gain from their experience. Regular and structured exchange between managers and employees as well as target-oriented personnel development are part of our culture.

Hermes conducts a whole range of specific dialogue activities, including numerous internal event formats. Annual appraisal interviews are standard and are supplemented by online surveys. And we create ideas and innovations together with our employees in special workshops and other communication formats.