Selling in China – but where and how?

Our free white paper provides everything you need to know about the most important cross-border platforms and payment functions on the Chinese e-commerce market.

Everything you need to know about sales platforms and payment methods in China

China is a highly interesting market for brand manufacturers and retailers alike with more and more e-commerce companies investing in this booming market. In our free white paper, we provide an overview of the most influential cross-border e-commerce platforms and payment functions in China.

You will find answers to a number of questions:

  • What are the sales channels in the cross-border sector?

  • How are cross-border sales spread across the individual sales platforms?

  • What product groups have the various sales platforms specialised in?

  • What providers process online payments?

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Tapping the Chinese market: success needs the right advice

Hermes can bring your products onto Chinese marketplaces. If you wish, we can organise the whole cross-border e-commerce solution – from web-enabling and fulfilment through to doorstep deliveries at the homes of your Chinese customers. Through our office in Shanghai, we connect trusted European account management with local e-commerce expertise. Hermes in Alibaba's partner, China's e-commerce giant: as their e-commerce service provider, we carry out the whole logistics processing of cross-border shipments from Europe to the Chinese market.

If you are looking to expand to the Chinese e-commerce market, we can offer support in the following areas with our 360-degree solution:

  • E-commerce consultation
  • Project management
  • IT management
  • Shop management
  • Content management
  • Marketing management
  • Payment / Financial services
  • Customer service
  • Cross-border logistics

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