Make it simple: with specialist knowledge.

With contracts and bureaucracy, it is often a single word that makes the difference between success or failure. So that you do everything right and avoid the existing pitfalls, we offer you sound expertise on customs clearance, insurance and goods security.

Benefit from our knowledge to avoid border problems.

Hermes professional customs services
If you know the import and export requirements inside out and have a detailed knowledge of tariffs, it’s possible to get goods through customs without any problems. And our professional customs team will do just that, thus accelerating your flow of goods, reducing your workload and increasing your delivery capability.

And you also cut out unnecessary costs: whether customs duty is 0% or 11%, for example, is merely a question of having the right commodity code. And in the event of a subsequent external audit, your risk is minimised thanks to optimum data transparency.

We help you import and export goods so that you can manage your customs processes and calculate customs costs more effectively. Many years of experience have made us experts in getting mail-order consignments through customs.

  • Complete import and export handling
  • Tariff services, including determining and checking commodity codes
  • Non-recovery, repayment and remission
  • Requesting and inspecting customs documents
  • Return and destruction of goods

  • Training your employees and helping you prepare for external customs audits
  • Accounting for customs costs right down to article level
  • Reporting and individual data analysis
  • Intrastat and NCTS

Affordable security for supply chains.

Security for your supply chain
The Hanseatic Insurance Service (HVD) is a member of the Otto Group and has been an independent insurance broker for all Group companies worldwide for more than 50 years.

With its many years of experience and knowledge of the market conditions through work with well-known insurance companies, HVD offers optimal design of insurance coverage for one-time transport of goods and for all transports with Hermes as well as for your entire transport volume.

Your goods transport insurance...

  • … is an all-risk insurance for all potential hazards in transit
  • … provides full coverage, regardless of the liability of the carrier

  • … covers loss avoidance and detection costs
  • ...enables quick settlement of claims through claims submitted directly to the insurer

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