Your market: Europe. Your partner: Hermes

With over 40 years experience in consumer deliveries, around 817 million parcels per year shipped in Europe and up to 1.5 million doorstep contacts per day, Hermes ranks high in measures of quality, reliability and trust.

Across Europe, you too can take advantage of the benefits Hermes offers in over 20 countries:

  • Normally 2- 4 visits to effect delivery
  • More than 40000 ParcelShops
  • Uncomplicated returns processes
  • Personal assistance and support

Make the most of our strengths throughout Europe. Regardless of whether you are about to kick-start you international activities or are already there, Hermes provides premium professional support for e-commerce businesses - on national and international markets - all from under one roof.

Our specialised B2C network gives you country-specific delivery options - adapted to meet the needs of your customers in over 20 European countries. Whether you are looking to set a single standard for all countries or are open for specialised delivery options on a country basis, with Hermes you have the choice.