Tailor-made solutions

The requirements of our customers are just as diverse as the industries from which they come. That means that logistics 'off the rack' doesn’t make much sense. Only precisely coordinated solutions contribute to business success.

That’s why we always rely on a close combination of logistics and industry expertise. For only when both are added together are we able to really develop the best and most efficient logistics solutions.

What we offer you:

  • Over 40 years of experience in logistics
  • Special industry expertise
  • Flexible logistics solutions from regional to global
  • Specialised value-added services for various industries
  • Intelligent supply chain solutions for maximum efficiency

  • Strong international partner networks with diverse priorities
  • Competent customs consultancy for faster, more cost-effective import procedures
  • High load safety standards and industry-specific special equipment
  • Innovative IT tools for supply chain analysis and monitoring

Focus Industries

Our focus industries

Only if logistics and industry expertise go hand in hand can optimal logistics solutions be developed. That’s why industry-specific knowledge is an important factor in our work.

Hermes e-services


Our e-services for you and your cargo are fast, sophisticated and secure. You always have access to relevant data with which you can control your supply chain better. Greater transparency and control at the click of a mouse.

Hermes offers additional services like Customs Clearance

Additional services

With contracts and bureaucracy, it is often a single word that makes the difference between success or failure. So that you avoid the existing pitfalls, we offer you sound expertise on customs clearance, insurance and goods security.


Hermes International

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