Climate-friendly mobility

Successes also in corporate mobility

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As part of the Otto Group's climate protection strategy, our entire company mobility (business trips and company cars) has been integrated into the objectives. In this area, too, we were able to achieve considerable CO2 reductions.

From 2006 to the end of 2017, Hermes has saved 45% of the volume-adjusted CO2 emissions in operational mobility (Scope Otto Group business). Above all, this success has been made possible by a more considerate approach to travelling that takes account of the carbon footprint and CO2-compensation for air travel. In 2017, Hermes staff generated 1,048 tonnes of CO2 volume-adjusted compared to the base year of 2006 (in 2016 it was 1,057 tonnes).

CO2 emission (in tonnes) from HE/HG/HES in relation to Otto Group business (scope: Otto Group business)

The figures are volume-adjusted compared to the base year 2006.

(base year)
201320142015201620172006 vs. 2017
Sourcing (HG):103,72885,86868,63964,07957,36053,31949%
Distribution logistics (HG/HES)63,95751,98652,60551,56148,12047,99325%
Sites (HE/HG/HES)12,0579,7819,1108,7207,8576,60245%
Mobility (HE/HG/HES)1,8901,0091,1661,1161,0571,04845%
Total:181,632148,644131,520125,476114,394108,962 40%

Since 2013, we have been offsetting CO2 emissions in cooperation with our project partner, atmosfair. Hermes is thus supporting a social and environmental project in the Sundarbans region of India and in 2017 received compensation certificates totalling 385 tonnes of CO2.

In addition, we have been encouraging staff awareness of environmentally-friendly travel. At the Hermes head office, ten company bicycles are permanently available to staff for shorter journeys. We are also keen on environmentally-friendly drive systems deployed in our company cars. New electric vehicles, such as the BMW i3, Renault Kangoo and ZOE, are permanently available at Hermes headquarters in Hamburg and can be booked for business trips.

In addition, we support our employees – for instance, as part of our Sustainability Weeks – to switch to sustainable mobility concepts. For example, car sharing providers such as DriveNow and Cambio Hamburg presented their products there. In addition, seven car dealerships had agreed to make some of the electric and hybrid vehicles available to Hermes employees free of charge for private use during the campaign period.