Hermes in the 80s


The 100 millionth parcel is delivered

The 100 millionth parcel since the company was founded is delivered on January 14. Hermes now delivers on all workdays and starts developing a Saturday shift.


Greater concentration of depots

The number of depots increases to 45 with the number of consignments per driver/workday rising to 145. Nearly 800 leased vehicles pound the road on behalf of Hermes.


Growth and change in its jubilee year

Ten years in business and Hermes acquires new key non-Group clients in Tchibo, Westfalia and AMC. Overall, the company processes roughly 1.5 million parcels for non-Group companies. On December 13, co-founder and chairman Werner Velbinger dies. His shares are transferred to Otto Versand, making HVS a 100 percent subsidiary.


Continuous growth

Over 30 million parcels are processed this year; revenues amount to DM110 million and the number of employees rises to 1,406.


Hermes heading once again for a record

On January 14HVS delivers its 200 millionth parcel. Drivers are now delivering an average of 156 parcels per day – twice as much as when the company was founded in 1972.


High-tech in test

The Hamburg depot is the scene of the first tests run on an IT-based shipment information system (SISY). Due to the high IT costs at that time, the project is dropped, only to be picked up again and developed in 1990.


A range of new services

To be able to provide Otto clients with a one-stop delivery service, Hermes now delivers sample parcels. In addition, the company delivers valuable items and offers a holiday service in which goods are stored at depots until the customer returns from holiday.


Hermes Technischer Kundendienst founded

Previously integrated in HVS, the Otto Group’s technical repair and servicing company gains its independence as Hermes Technischer Kundendienst on March 1.


Flawless fashion: the company’s fleet of vehicles and work clothes get facelifts

With new Hermes summer shirts and winter jackets, drivers hit the fashion scene. Even the rolling stock gets a new paint job: The company collects the keys for the company’s 5,000th leased vehicle on October 1. The fleet of vehicles now comprises roughly 1,200 cars and delivery vans.


Introduction of the 24-hour service

From a 48-hour service, the company develops a 24-hour (next day) express service which appeals to Otto customer more and more from year to year. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, Christmas trading sees the first deliveries to East Germany.