Climate-friendly Shipping

Climate-neutral shipping and special offers for our customers

(Photo: Hermes)

Online retail puts no more strain on the environment than over-the-counter retail. Transporting goods from the retailer to the customer is even more efficient and emits less climate-damaging gas - even taking into account the returns that for many are part of the e-commerce system. This is documented by the German Clean Tech Institute (DCTI) ‘Climate-friendly shopping - a comparative study of online retailing and over-the-counter retailing’ conducted on behalf of the Otto Group and Hermes. This result is an obligation for us: that is why we are looking to enable even more climate-friendly shipping and even more efficient delivery to cut emissions still further.

CO2 reporting for clients and customers

If you are looking to improve your carbon footprint, you need two things: transparency about the causes of CO2 emissions and proven expertise in implementing measures aimed at improving the situation. Hermes offers its clients both.

In addition, since 2011, we have also been providing our clients with a free statement of their individual carbon footprint for goods transported by Hermes. This footprint is based on specific data such as route length and capacity utilization assigning CO2 emissions per client in detail. These receive the information in a monthly status report, the so-called Service Compass which provides a compact overview of CO2 emissions caused by transporting goods with Hermes.

(Photo: Hermes)

Carbon-neutral shipping

Thanks to the use of modern vehicles and efficiently planned tours, Hermes has already reduced a large proportion of climate-damaging CO2 emissions. However, complete avoidance is currently not technically feasible.

Under the motto “WE DO! Carbon-neutral deliveries”, Hermes Einrichtungs Service therefore offers its shippers the possibility of offsetting remaining emissions by investing in climate protection projects.

Selected climate protection projects in Costa Rica, Mali and Malawi are being supported with the purchase of "Gold Standard" certificates to offset emissions. The certificates for offsetting emissions are purchased by Hermes Einrichtungs Service via the renowned compensation provider ARKTIK, whose certificate management is regularly reviewed by TÜV Nord.