Great delivery service for large items - right into the home

When delivering furniture, washing machines and televisions, provide more service to customers with our Hermes Two-Man Handling service. They will be impressed by your business’s professionalism. All of our deliveries are performed by two-man teams who bring the merchandise right to the customer’s desired location, whether it’s a sofa for the living room or a washing machine for the basement. We offer a delivery period of 3 to 5 days from our distribution centre, and up to three delivery attempts at no extra charge – nationwide in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Our Geographic Tracking system

The Geographical Tracking system of the Hermes Two-Man Handling service provides customers with up-to-the-minute information about the status of their deliveries.

Based on the GPS monitoring and route planning software, which ensures the environmental and cost efficiency of every delivery route, HES offers the merchandise recipient (consignee) a map view of the delivery route indicating the position of the Hermes delivery vehicle and a detailed report of the route progress and time of delivery.

By way of a dedicated HTML link, the recipient can access this tracking information about his/her ordered merchandise online. The time of delivery is narrowed down to a precise ten-minute period.

Delivery within a specific daily timeframe

Our standard procedure is to notify the recipient of the time of delivery within one of three daily timeframes. An additional evening delivery timeframe (after normal working hours) is optional.

*Available provided the evening delivery service option has been ordered

To make the delivery process as transparent as possible to the recipient, the delivery team notifies him/her by telephone 60 minutes prior to arrival.

Offer your customers more delivery-service benefits

  • 48-hour delivery
  • 24-hour delivery (merchandise warehoused at our distribution centre)
  • COD collection
  • Evening and Saturday delivery
  • Furniture assembly and installation services for electrical appliances
  • Packaging removal and disposal
  • Removal and disposal of old appliances and upholstered furniture

A 'very good' record

In 2016, TÜV Saarland conducted its fourth survey of merchandise recipients about their satisfaction with the performance of HES. Once again, they were impressed by the reliability and customer-oriented service of the company’s two-man teams. As a result, the consumer-protection institute certified HES as 'very good', its highest rating.

Some 1,600 delivery recipients of furniture and large electrical appliances were interviewed, 96.2% of whom very much recommended the company’s services.

The key performance criteria were:

  • Scheduling of and meeting delivery deadlines
  • Handling of merchandise
  • Amiability of the delivery agent
  • Professionalism of the delivery agent

Hermes received particularly high marks for its scheduling of and meeting delivery deadlines, as well as for the amiable demeanour of its Two-Man Handling delivery teams.

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