Helping others make a difference: CO2 reports for Hermes customers and clients

It is beyond dispute that climate change is already taking place, as is the fact that the warming of the atmosphere and the oceans is largely caused by humans. Another fact: The logistics industry accounts for approximately 15 percent of CO2 emissions worldwide.

The “Hermes - WE DO!” climate and environmental protection programme illustrates how important the reduction of CO2 emissions is to Hermes and its long-standing self-image as a green logistics provider. But the implementation of these goals is not limited to the Hermes companies - customers and clients are also included and supported in their efforts to improve their CO2 footprints.

The central component of this effort is detailed CO2 reporting, which definitively breaks down transport-related emissions by source. In cooperation with PTV AG and Steria Mummert Consulting, a monitoring process has been developed that is based on real, specific-to-the-shipment data. Unlike the competition’s systems, which merely provide average values, this process provides factual, meaningful data for each journey or even each individual shipment. Which type of vehicle has been underway and for how long? How heavy was its load? Did it travel on level terrain or did it go uphill or downhill? Furthermore, the system makes it possible to simulate alternate routes. This then means that the most effective means of transport and the most ecologically effective routes can be analysed and used if appropriate.

The CO2 reporting used by Hermes Germany applies to both services, long-haul shipments, as well as last mile distribution services. Customers of both services get their CO2 data - free of charge of course - either in a monthly status report, the so-called service compass, or automatically with their invoice. Such transparency makes it possible to act in a more environmentally-friendly way: not only to take the first steps in this direction, but to precisely monitor and sustain them them. Another benefit: This green service is part of Hermes’ standard service and is provided to clients completely free of charge.

Apropos transparency: To name but one example, Hermes has successively reduced the CO2 emissions generated by shipments for the Otto Group year after year. In the 2013-2014 fiscal year, emissions were reduced by about 12.6% over the previous year. That alone corresponds to a reduction of a total of about 5800 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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