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Gain an insight into the processes at Hermes Fulfilment

Interroll video (6:20 min)

As part of our energy-saving program, we have replaced conventional 400 Volt technology by energy-saving 24 volt drive technology from Interroll in our logistics centre Haldensleben.

N-24 documentary (9:30 min)

A gGerman television team looked behind the scenes at Hermes Fulfilment and followed the process behind an online order - from the order by the end consumer to delivery and the subsequent returns management.

Brochures of our logistic centres

Mail-order logistics centre Haldensleben

The planning and construction work on the new logistics centre in Haldensleben takes place between 1991 and 1994. With a floor area the size of 26 football pitches, the mail-order logistics centre is currently one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

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Returns logistics centre Hamburg

Equipped with even more inspection points, a completely new putaway system for returned items and a fully automatic stacker system for empty bins, the returns facility in Hamburg is now one of the most innovative and largest facilities in Europe.

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Logistics centre Ohrdruf

As of 2006 the logistics centre in Ohrdruf is operated by Hermes Fulfilment. Around six million items a year are moved through the Ohrdruf logistics centre. Some 4.5 million of these are customer orders and 1.5 million are returns.

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