Global Full-Service E-Commerce

Hermes has the ability to cover the local online shop operation with a Full-Service E-Commerce setup including:

  • Localized Online Store/Content Management
  • IT-Management & Online Store Software
    • Development of individual country software
  • Highly Scalable Warehousing Fulfillment & Returns
    • Expertise in handling luxury goods
  • Payment / Finance Services
    • Management of required local payment methods (PayPal, Debitcard, VISA, Amex etc.)
  • Customer Service
    • Local customer service agents
    • Operations of all service channels (chat, phone, email etc.)
  • Delivery and Carrier Management
  • Performance Marketing
    • SEO, SEM, CSE, Social Marketing, Display, Retargeting/Remarketing, email, affiliate etc.

Ship parcels globally with Hermes

International shipping

We help brands and retailers to deliver internationally from their online shop or via marketplaces. The advantages are: simple integration, low capital expenditure and existing domestic delivery processes. Reach more customers by going global.

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Ship parcels to Europe with Hermes

Shipping to Europe

Whether small commercial operator, professional seller or mail order company, here you will find the shipping solution to suit your needs.

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Global E-Commerce

Across all borders, global e-commerce is booming. The potential for retailers and brand manufacturers is huge. Our solutions provide you with customised options to tap your markets – wholly in line with your corporate requirements.

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Marketplace integration

Direct line to customers: Hermes facilitates the integration of its client in leading online marketplaces – such a Tmaill in China or Amazon in the US – and manages the end-to-end international fulfilment.

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