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Delivering on growing customer expectations in the booming e-commerce sector presents Hermes Fulfilment with new challenges. The desire for more flexible and faster deliveries emphasises the necessity of striking a balance between economic requirements and social and environmental considerations. For this reason, alongside price and quality of service, sustainability plays an increasingly important role.

In order to do justice to both our corporate responsibilities and the desires of customers, Hermes Fulfilment is currently optimising its processes with regard to sustainability. In parallel we are sensitising our customers to this issue. After all, it is the worldwide consumer demand that is one of the most powerful driving forces of sustainable development.

At all our locations great importance is attached to environmental protection. A combined heat and power plant that went into operation at the Haldensleben location in 2015 is already reducing energy consumption. Four colonies of bees now live on the roof of the Haldensleben logistics centre. Apart from contributing to the dwindling bee population, these bees help pollinate local crops and produce about 100 kg of honey a year. At our Haldensleben and Ohrdruf locations we have set up insect hotels that serve as a haven and nesting place for bumble-bees, wild bees, green lacewings and ladybirds. NABU, a German non-governmental organisation focussing on nature and biodiversity conservation, and Lebenshilfe, a German association for people with mental disabilities, their families, experts and friends, were both instrumental in implementing this project.

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