Mutually beneficial: Cooperation with NGOs

Together, we can achieve more. True win-win situations arise when, for example, when companies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) effectively work together. The key thing is to choose partners that are just the right fit for your own orientation. Hermes has traditionally followed this approach, and very successfully so.

In addition to the local activities and projects that were launched by individual branches on their own initiative, we have put together the following selection of projects that the company has implemented together with NGOs. The goal is not to change the world in a day, but rather to constantly build upon the advances that are made.

Cooperation with PLAN International

Plan is an international children’s aid organisation that works in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and seeks to improve children’s rights. Like the Arche (see below), since 2012 Plan has received an annual check that results from the Christmas campaign entitled Spenden statt Schenken (“make a charitable donation, not a gift”). In 2014, the decision was made to intensify cooperation with PLAN and to support a school project in Kenya. The cost of the project: 100,000 Euros. The money will be earmarked for the construction of an elementary school in Kenya. School attendance in Kenya has been free since 2003 and the demand for spaces in schools has been growing constantly as a result. However, the existing infrastructure cannot cope with this demand on its own. This project is closely linked to education-supporting measures that have also been supported by Hermes in Zambia and Hamburg.

Cooperation with the Clean Cargo Working Group

The Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) is an industry initiative that includes representatives from shipping companies, shipping agents, and logistics providers. Together, they pursue the same goal: making container shipping more sustainable. However, the Otto Group, a member of the CCWG and the parent company of Hermes, has turned over its voice and its vote in the group to Hermes Transport Logistics.

You will find additional cooperations with German NGOs on our German website.

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