Cross Border E-Commerce

Full-service solution for international sales and shipping through your existing online shop

Are you looking to get a foot in the door of global online retailing and sell to international customers too? An innovative service from Hermes enables both retailers and brand manufacturers to sell their products worldwide through their existing online shop and to ship them to the customer.

The range of services offered by BorderGuru, a member of the Hermes Group of companies, embraces all key elements of cross-border e-commerce: from online orders through to logistics, customs clearance and doorstep deliveries. This allows you to offer international customers a straightforward, cross-border shopping experience without the costly conversion of your current processes. Participate in the growth of international e-commerce and significantly strengthen your position on the market.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Relatively low investment costs
  • Shipping solution that includes customs clearance
  • Simple integration
  • Speedy shipping at competitive prices
  • An appealing shopping experience for your international customers

Close gaps in your service portfolio and address new target groups

The Hermes Group oversees your air shipments, the distribution on the 'final mile' and all payment processes. Seamless tracking and tracing of shipments also provides for transparency and convenience. A smarter, customer-friendly end-to-end service for the global supply chain which retailers and brand manufacturers can use to close gaps in their service portfolio and address new target groups. Our easy to integrate solution for your online shop means that you could soon be selling internationally. Customers from around the world receive information on duties and taxes as soon as they place their order.

Further information is available in our brief overview.

cross-border e-commerce

Quick overview

Do you want to reach out for international customers? We provide the ideal solution for your online shop. All information at a glance can be downloaded here!

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The process

logistics process

Our RESTful API can be easily integrated in existing e-commerce and warehouse systems. Our experts will of course be on hand to provide any support you need.

Either ship your consignments to our local warehouse, or we'll come and pick them up, whatever you decide. Shipments arrive at their destination quickly by airfreight. Our strong international network and the intelligent bundling of shipments enables us to offer short shipping times at competitive prices.

Duties and taxes are automatically calculated and listed in real time through our interface. We also provide the smooth clearance of your shipments through customs, including the complete processing of imports and exports, always with an eye on all the relevant country-specific guidelines.

We will deliver the order directly to the customer's doorstep: no need to pick up the goods from the custom's office.

Your international customers select their preferred methods of payment and settle the invoice in their local currency – yet another plus for your customers’ cross-border shopping experience.

Seamless tracking from your warehouse through to the doorstep delivery: you and your customers can check on the whereabouts of shipments at any time.

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