Climate friendly mobility - By all means

In environmental matters, Hermes generally follows the motto of “avoid before reducing, reduce before offsetting”. Of course, this primarily includes the emission of carbon dioxide, in accordance with the ethical orientation of the company and its CO2 master plan. The Hermes companies’ comprehensive activities in this area range from testing alternative drive systems and the utilisation of electrically powered vans to the everyday effort to plan journeys and load vehicles in such a way that unnecessary trips are avoided. Extensive information about the Hermes vehicle fleet and its efficiency can be found here.

In the same spirit, all employees are sensitised to the need to use sustainable transportation methods that conserve resources. This starts with the daily commute – Hermes provides its employees with public transport subsidies. This policy is also stringently pursued during business trips, for which Hermes provides electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. Company-owned bicycles are also available for shorter trips. These can be easily booked over the Internet.

Cooperation with »atmosfair«

In an internationally active company, it is not possible to completely avoid international air travel - despite intensive use of technical options such as video conferencing. As this type of travel is especially CO2 intensive, in 2013 Hermes decided to initiate a collaboration with atmosfair. The non-profit climate protection organisation uses an emissions-based climate protection fee to expand renewable energy options in countries where few exist. All of Hermes’ compensation payments go to a certified biodiversity project in India’s Sundarbans National Park. In this region, which has the world’s largest existing mangrove forests, measures are supported to prevent clearing of forests and encourage their regeneration, in order to create new habitat for the threatened Bengal tiger.

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