For us warehousing means “moving goods”

Hermes Fulfilment operates three high-performance logistics centres for small and large-volume items. It can organise your entire product flow for you. Whether the warehouse processes involve a high level of automation or are geared to meet specific warehousing needs: we put together a package that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. In this way we can easily cope with the kind of peak periods that occur at Christmas or at the start of a fashion season.

Each and every step of our warehousing processes is highly efficient: from goods receipts through quality control to picking, we look after your goods to be ready for when your customers place their orders for the latest retail trends.

  • Warehousing for small and large-volume items
  • Highly automated and customised warehousing processes
  • Value-added services such as gift wrapping or additional enclosures
  • Fully scaleable and easily adaptable to customer needs
  • Throughout Europe and the rest of the world (e.g. USA, Brazil, Russia and China)
  • Performance rate: 99.9 per cent


Hermes Fulfilment develops national and international fulfilment solutions for your e-commerce operations.

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Customer Care

Using leading-edge technologies and call centre agents trained to meet your needs we make sure that your customers feel well looked after.

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