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Do you run a small successful enterprise, and want to concentrate on your core business? Are you a mid-sized company with customers who expect a quick and easy ordering process? Have you started up an e-commerce business that aims to offer its customers excellent service right from Day 1? Then Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment is just what you require. It’s an efficient e-commerce solution that covers your needs – from warehousing and returns management to additional services such as customer care, distribution and finance. Grow your business with modular and scalable services for domestic and international e-commerce.

Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment offers you access to online marketplaces and a wide variety of web shops, ensuring growth in e-commerce. It also provides multi-language customer service, high-quality gift packaging to satisfy your customers, and secure payment systems to assure a continuous flow of payments. As a small- or medium-sized business, you benefit from Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment due to our decades of experience in order processing, our expertise in e-commerce and our cutting-edge technical equipment. Our new IT architecture and organizational structure makes it all possible to integrate even low-volume orders into processes – at attractive prices and low set-up costs.

Dresses, coats, t-shirts, belts, shoes, handbags and towels – all offered in a variety of colors and sizes. There’s almost no end to product ranges in the fashion industry. Keeping track of it all requires experience and the latest technologies, both of which are offered by Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment. Several optional services to satisfy your customers round out this solution.

When it comes to processing your goods at the receiving stage, a wide selection of services are available, including the attachment of hangtags. High-quality fashion merchandise requires careful storage and handling (e.g. hung clothing).

Your customers will be even more pleased to receive quality-wrapped gifts. Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment also provides you with these additional services.

Smartful - Made by Hermes Fulfilment helps you reduce costs by, for instance, delivering your goods in shipment bags.

And whenever the delivered dress doesn’t fit, you won’t have to worry with Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment, because returns management is among its standard services.

With Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment, bulky L-shaped sofas and fragile vases are in just the right hands. Every piece of furniture and decorative item is properly stored according to type. Mattresses, for example, are vertically stored. Each step of the professional fulfilment process is carried out with the utmost care and precision. All goods are shipped in their original cartons, and all fragile goods are very carefully handled. In addition, we offer other services, such as goods inspection and preparation at the reception stage, including foiling and labeling.

With Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment, your web shop will be positioned in key online marketplaces in no time flat. And major web shop systems can be easily linked.

You can enhance customer satisfaction through a wide variety of delivery options, such as our Hermes Einrichtungs Service and on-site furniture assembly and installation. In addition, due to the close proximity of Hermes central transshipment hubs, you can offer your customers fast and safe deliveries.

Whether they’ve ordered the latest smartphone or the most advanced refrigerator, your customers will receive their goods right where they want them. Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment offers your online electronics shop the right services, so that you can focus fully on product range management and marketing. Warehousing and returns management are included as standard service components. By adding further services, you can customize and modularly organize your fulfilment operations.

You can expand and customize the benefits of Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment at the goods receiving stage by having us prepare your goods (e.g. foiling and labeling), perform product inspections, record serial numbers, and ship them either in their original cartons or in cost-reducing shipping bags.

The Finance option of Smartful – Made by Hermes Fulfilment allows you to record payment receipts. Its convenient and secure range of payment options makes settling purchases easier for both you and your customers.

We offer you a wide range of delivery options. Moreover, our Hermes Einrichtungs Service will even look after connecting oven ranges to the power supply – so your customers can start cooking.


Hermes Fulfilment develops national and international fulfilment solutions for your e-commerce operations.

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Facts & Figures

Hermes Fulfilment was founded in 2006 and employs more than 5,000 employees. About 300 million goods are moved every year.

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