We care for your customers - using multimedia capabilities

Hermes Fulfilment speaks for you – using leading-edge technologies and call centre agents trained to meet the needs of your organisation. We make sure that your customers feel well looked after. Never mind which mode of communication one chooses, they will always receive excellent service geared towards their specific needs. Speaking on your behalf, we make sure that all their queries are answered promptly, professionally and knowledgeably, delivering the perfect shopping experience to your customers. After all, we know that only satisfied customers are loyal customers.

  • Customer service - in and outbound - 1st and 2nd level support – and this multilingual
  • Written communications (e-mail, fax, SMS or MMS message, letter)
  • Cross-selling / up-selling promotion and marketing campaigns
  • Individual pre-sale customer interactions and customer specific product support
  • Customer surveys, e.g. customer satisfaction analyses
  • Technical support and customer service hotlines
  • Complaints management
  • Customer re-acquisition

Financial Services

Hermes Fulfilment offers you all the means of payment that distance selling retail formats need to be able to offer.

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Returns management

It is impossible to avoid returns altogether, but we can advise you on how to reduce the amount of returns your business has to deal with.

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