Hermes NexTec: Your full-service partner in e-commerce

In the international business field online trading for fashion and lifestyle, establishing your own online shop is becoming more and more crucial for brands and retailers. We recognise the needs of your customers and meet their expectations regarding assortment, offer presentation, navigation and service, in order to help you successfully prevail in the market over the long term – locally and internationally.

What you want

Your own online store?

To optimise your existing online store?

To internationalise your online business?

What we offer

International full-service e-commerce solutions for the fashion and lifestyle industry


As part of the Otto Group, we have expertise in online trading and can assist you with local teams not only in Europe but also in all major e-commerce markets, such as the US, China and Russia. Our e-commerce specialists are intimately familiar with the main specific features and requirements of local and international e-commerce markets.

Everything from a single source

We offer all services along the value chain of e-commerce from one source, from individual consulting, design, implementation and daily operation to marketing and customer service. In addition, we offer services throughout the back-end via our partner Hermes Fulfilment, such as warehousing and returns management. In this way you as a manufacturer can focus fully on your core competencies: Your brand, your product range and staging of your brand and product.

Success as a common goal

We work for you according to an optimised service principle, because we tie our success closely to yours, that is, our participation in your success is measured by your sales. This individual strategy makes us binding partners in the rapidly growing segment of e-commerce and guarantees optimal processing of your transactions, under constant development of all market-relevant requirements.

Programmed success: IT management and shop software

An online shop is only as good as the information technology and the special software “under the hood.” Hermes NexTec operates the entire infrastructure – for the online shop as well as the backend. Including all interfaces. In this way, IT is aligned with your needs and those of your clients and actively facilitates new opportunities for your business.

Our shop software

It’s called Qmerce and was developed by Hermes NexTec for B2C retailers. As a subsidiary of the Otto Group, which went online with its first web shop already in 1995, and a company of the Hermes Group, which has been offering international logistics solutions for more than 40 years, a wide range of experiences in fashion and lifestyle e-commerce are available, which have been incorporated into Qmerce. The software tried and tested in some 60 webshops is a state-of-the-art high-performance and scalable platform designed in particular for individually controllable and international rollouts with country-specific content, features and services. The innovative features include the magazine feature, which links the brand experience and shop experience together. At the same time, Qmerce convinces with a high conversion speed, expandability of all basic functions and enabling of the implementation of mobile applications and encapsulated additional modules, and seamless integration with existing backend systems such as logistics, CRM and ERP is of course possible. Through the responsive design, the shop is also available on all touch points and devices of customers – whether smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. And of course Qmerce is continuously optimised by experienced IT teams.

Our IT management

Our IT management is a service that is entirely geared to your business goals. The experienced teams of Hermes NexTec understood themselves as an interface between your company and our software developers, enabling easy integration of your wishes in the existing set-up of Qmerce and all the applications behind it.

  • Innovation
  • Internationalisation
  • High conversion speed
  • Continuous optimisation

Transformational effect: Online marketing

The online shop is brilliant. The machines under and behind it are all running smoothly. Now it is time to get measurable responses from customers. Here Hermes NexTec optimises the marketing performance of your Web store – across all channels and proximate to people’s needs.

The performance marketing experts at Hermes NexTec focus on attracting new customers, retaining existing ones and in this way directly increasing sales of your online shop. For this purpose, the appropriate marketing tools are used in a tailored fashion. In addition to instruments such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), we offer display advertising and e-mail, affiliate and social media marketing – either as a package or as a modularly bookable complementary partial solution.

The goal is always to establish a long-term relationship between your brands and your customers. With our CRM and various web analytic tools from the areas of business intelligence and data mining, these relationships are first structurally recorded, then carefully prepared and maintained, and finally deepened with a personal appeal – as you plan it. Online marketing with Hermes NexTec: An effective measure with a resounding promise of success.


  • Implementation & operation
  • Tracking & controlling
  • Permanent optimisation

Safe operation: Shop and content management

It looks good. It provides expert information quickly. And it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes your shop your best salesperson. However, in order for it to always satisfy your customers and attract new ones, it also requires excellent management.

Hermes NexTec ensures comprehensive safe operation of your sales machine in five areas:

1. Shop management

Increasing the range? Optimised customer loyalty? In order to design the online shop to suit your individual requirements, navigation and sorting are created according to your ideas. To present your online shop well in e-commerce over the long term, there is continuous maintenance of all pages and their content, images and teasers. The same is also true for all item and master data, of course. In this way we manage your shop and you can focus on your core competencies.

2. Content management

Whether text, image, audio, or video – all these data and files are used to attract new customers and retain existing ones. In consultation with you, Hermes NexTec carefully and precisely manages the content belonging to the online shop throughout its life cycle. In addition, actions, campaigns, discounts and new products are created and integrated through landing pages on an ongoing basis.

3. Content production

An online shop serves first and foremost as a showcase. An appealing product presentation thus facilitates access for customers and is key for positive purchasing decisions. If required, the professionals at Hermes NexTec will take care of all content management for you: Target group and brand-oriented product descriptions, informative and SEO-relevant product and shop texts, and photography putting your products in the best light are among our service modules that exquisitely support your sales.

4. Business intelligence & data analysis

In addition to the powerful shopping cart software, ongoing analyses and constant improvements are essential for the successful operation of an online shop. With comprehensive services in the field of SEO, usability, data review and assessment, and on-site marketing, Hermes NexTec offers you all the instruments that make you aware of where you stand among the competitors. These include classic indicators such as visit rates, average shopping cart values, and conversion rates. We also further develop the front-end design continuously and use web studies, A/B testing and customer surveys to provide potential to improve your processes steadily and achieve the best customer experience.

5. Product development

Every online retailer knows: A web shop is never really finished. Hermes NexTec therefore acts in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement: learn, optimise, learn new things and optimise again and better. From continuous development of all shop structures and functions, findings result which we pass on to our clients. These can be numbers that you use for compelling campaigns. These can be recommendations for the presentation of items. These can be innovative apps and new business models. These can even be ideas that we do not yet know today. But tomorrow we will.

  • Marketing and operation
  • Further development and control
  • Analysis
  • Optimisation

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