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Across all borders, global e-commerce is booming. Experts anticipate that cross-border e-commerce volumes for the USA, the UK, Germany, Brazil, China and Australia will nearly treble by 2018, from $105bn to $307bn. The potential for retailers and brand manufacturers is huge; but still many companies remain reserved. Reasons may vary, ultimately every market is different: customs regulations and payment/delivery habits of consumers vary in part enormously. However, these challenges can be speedily and securely overcome with Hermes' global e-commerce solutions. Our solutions provide you with customised options to tap your markets – wholly in line with your corporate requirements.

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Hermes has operations in all key e-commerce markets and, if requested, can organise you whole cross-border e-commerce solution – providing all relevant services from web-enabling and fulfilment to doorstep deliveries. With a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of innovative multichannel solutions, our turnkey solutions take a load off our clients' minds. Seize the opportunity and grow internationally – with Hermes.

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Market insights

Market Insights Europe

E-commerce sales in Europe continue to rise, and there is no end in sight. The outlook is bright for online retailers from around the world. Download here the market insights for Europe!

Download Market Insights Europe
Market Insights China

Market Insights China

E-commerce is booming in the most populous land in the world. And sales opportunities in e-commerce are by far not yet exhausted. Download here the market insights about the Land of the Rising Sun!

Download Market Insights China
Market Insights USA

Market Insights USA

USA – the land of online shoppers. The American e-commerce market offers enormous growth opportunities for European online retailers. Download here the market insights for the USA!

Download Market Insights USA

Our solutions for your international market entry

Parcel distribution across Europe

Through our specialised B2C network, Hermes always offers you the best delivery solutions in more than 20 European countries.

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Worldwide shipping

Our easy to integrate solution for your online shop means that you could soon be selling to international customers. We handle all the steps you might need – from listing duties and taxes in the checkout through to the doorstep delivery.

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Marketplace integration

Direct line to customers: Hermes facilitates the integration of its client in leading online marketplaces – such a Tmaill in China or Amazon in the US – and manages the end-to-end international fulfilment.

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