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The Hermes ParcelShops

With over 14,000 ParcelShops, together with local retail traders, operates the densest network of receiving offices across Germany for private parcel shipments. Many mail order companies use the ParcelShops as alternative delivery addresses and for processing returns. Shops in selected locations also offer the shipping of travel luggage.

Become a Hermes ParcelShop Partner.

What we offer

Parcel revenue in Germany and Europe is continuing to grow, particularly due to e-commerce and TV-Shopping and this presents great opportunities for you and us alike. We want to take advantage of these with you. Simply become a Hermes ParcelShop Partner and expand your services by offering parcel shipments to your customers.
Practice shows that the processes are very simple. The cost for you is minimal and your daily business is hardly impacted. Customers are very happy with the service and therefore often use the ParcelShops. The result: You increase your customer loyalty, acquire new customers and increase your revenue.

Take advantage of this opportunity and become a Partner today of Germany’s largest post-independent logistics service provider.

Your benefits at a glance

  • You expand your service offering for existing customers.
  • You win new customers through the new service provided.
  • You will benefit from the marketing activities and the press relations work undertaken by Hermes Logistik Gruppe Deutschland.
  • You receive a payment based on the incoming and outgoing shipments.

ParcelShop-Partners have it easy.

With clear requirements and tasks we ensure that you will expand your existing daily business without putting any strain on it.

Requirements of ParcelShop Partners

  • A retail outlet
    publicly accessible and with customer-friendly opening hours.

  • Enough space
    You will need about 3 m² space for an average of 15-20 shipment per day.

  • A bit of time
    About 1 minute per ParcelShop customer contact.

  • And of course commitment
    For you customer-service goes without saying, for as you know a friendly smile and comprehensive service pay off.

Tasks of ParcelShop Partners

  • Receipt of private parcels
    You accept parcels and collect the transportation charge.

  • Receipt of returns
    You accept mail order company returns free-of-charge.

  • Issue of parcels
    We deliver packages to you which customers collect from you on the provision of a valid identity card. As a special service, selected ParcelShop-Partners also offer the option of accepting travel luggage and suitcases.

We want you to be successful.

We will support you in all areas. Let us convince you.

Our support - for your success:

  • Training on the service range and on processing the shipments
  • Personal local contact
  • Complete ParcelShop equipment plus advertising materials – completely free-of-charge
  • Access to the Online-PartnerPortal where you can access current information, tips and personalised advertising materials.
  • Free shipment scanner and label printer (average time required per customer contact is 1minute).
  • Regular delivery and collection service
  • nclusion of your shop in the "Hermes ParcelShop-Finder" so that all customers can find you.
  • Mail order customers will be directed to nearby ParcelShops
  • Hermes press and marketing activities ensure high awareness levels for your ParcelShop.

Start now and become a Hermes ParcelShop Partner.

Please contact us for more information at:

Hermes Logistik Gruppe Deutschland GmbH
- Customer service -
Essener Strasse 89
22419 Hamburg

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