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News from January 2018

Regular time for rest and recuperation is crucial to health, not to mention physical and mental performance. Good mattresses and cushions play an important role in this regard. However, for consumers it is often difficult to differentiate between high-quality and substandard products. For this reason, Hermes Hansecontrol is expanding the range of mechanical tests it offers for furniture and will also offer test methods for mattresses and upholstery in the future. This provides manufacturers with unique selling points so that they can set themselves apart from the competition and improve the quality of their products in a targeted manner.

In many cases, problems with the quality of mattresses only become apparent after prolonged usage. At Hermes Hansecontrol, it will soon be possible to simulate the aging process based on standardized test methods. The functional properties of the foam material can also be assessed and evaluated.

One of the most important criteria in this respect is the change in hardness of mattresses as well as other seating furniture and furniture upholstery over the entire lifecycle of these products. As a rule, you can assume an average lifespan of up to 10 years for mattresses.

In order to obtain measurements regarding the hardness and durability of the work material, they are tested mechanically by, among other things, simulating stresses from the user on the mattresses and furniture upholstery. Hansecontrol is also capable of determining the hardness zones of mattresses across the entire lie down area and at 20 different points with a zone-testing machine especially developed for this purpose.

With respect to this special type of test for the distribution of different hardnesses within the mattress, Hansecontrol takes a leading role among test institutes as both the method and the corresponding test technology have not been applied in any Standard yet. With the help of contour diagrams, the mattress zone results can be passed on to end customers in a comprehensive and usable form. Particularly in times where mattresses have five, seven, or even more hardness zones, a test of this kind is an important instrument when it comes to assessing quality.

The following standards and provisions are relevant, among other things, when it comes to testing mattresses and parts of upholstered furniture:


  • DIN EN 1957:2013-01 Furniture – beds and mattresses – test method for determining the functional properties and performance criteria
  • DIN EN ISO 2439:2009-05 Soft-elastic polymer foams – determining the hardness (indentation technique) (ISO 2439:2008)
  • DIN EN 1334:1996-07 Household furniture – beds and mattresses – measurement methods and recommended tolerances
  • RAL GZ 430 / 6 – Special quality and testing regulations for mattresses

Foam tests:

  • DIN EN ISO 2439:2009-05 Soft-elastic polymer foams – determining the hardness (indentation technique) (ISO 2439:2008)
  • DIN EN ISO 3385:2014-10 Soft-elastic polymer foams – determination of fatigue by constant-load pounding (ISO 3385:2014)
  • DIN EN ISO 3386-1:2015-10 Polymer materials, soft-elastic foams – determination of stress-strain characteristics in compression – part 1: Low-density materials (ISO 3386-1:1986 + Amd 1:2010)
  • ASTM D3574 Standard test methods for flexible cellular materials – slab, bonded, and molded urethane foam
  • DIN 53579:2015-04 Testing of soft-elastic foams, indentation test on finished parts

If you have any questions on this topic, please get in touch with your respective sales representative in the sales department or order management department at the phone number +49 (0) 40 300 33 73 - 6124 or by email.

Consumer protection has the highest priority – this is also reflected in European and national legislation. In Germany, the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) was introduced as the successor to the Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG) in order to better protect consumers and prevent distortion of competition. The law sets out the obligations of manufacturers, importers and distributors. Thus, it also serves as a basis for national market surveillance, which the federal states are responsible for implementing.

Efficiently fulfilling the requirements and avoiding recalls is an increasingly critical success factor for companies in the consumer goods industry. Fully developed, efficient, and tested products, traceable processes as well as effective supplier management are expected from all economic operators involved in the process and are essential.

In our seminar titled “Product Safety Act, Evaluation of CE Conformity and Product Safeguarding in Practice” on Thursday, March 15, 2018, in Hamburg, we will provide you with information about the relevant laws, basic requirements, and terminology in the European Single Market. We also provide you with solutions you can put into practice at your company.

Our legal expert Inken Green sheds light on legal aspects when it comes to ensuring compliance with legal requirements and product quality. You will also learn what to do in the event of a product recall, what is necessary and which obligations you will have to fulfill vis-à-vis the authorities.

Here you will find all the important information about content and conditions for participation (only in German). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by calling +49 (0) 40 300 33 73 - 13 30 or by sending an email.

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