1. Hamburg, Jul 8, 2010 | Hermes Fulfilment

    HSE24 and Hermes Fulfilment go into partnership

    HSE24 is a new customer of Hermes Fulfilment. HSE24, the home shopping and multi-channel specialist has engaged Hamburg based fulfilment services provider Hermes Fulfilment to process its fashion and beauty product shipments. For this it will be using the warehousing and returns management fulfilment modules. The partnership is to start mid July.
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  2. Bradford, Jul 1, 2010 | Hermes UK

    Hermes scoops leading industry award for training

    Leading home delivery courier company Hermes, who operate regional depots in Southampton, Crewe, Swindon, Weybridge, Nuneaton and Bradford have won a national award at this year’s Motor Transport Awards. The Training Award recognises the success of the Hermes Driving School, which has enabled the company to reduce accidents within its fleet operation by more than 40 per cent, lower fuel consumption by 25 per cent and achieve cost savings of around £1 million.
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  3. Bradford, Jun 1, 2010 | Hermes UK

    Training programme drives down accident rates as Hermes achieves business champion status

    Hermes has reduced accident rates across its fleet operation by more than 40 per cent, following the introduction of a range of driver training initiatives designed to cut road deaths and injuries. These safer driving measures have contributed to fleet savings of £1 million in the past twelve months and led to the company achieving Business Champion status from the Government-backed Driving for Better Business campaign, managed by Roadsafe.
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  4. Bradford, Mar 1, 2010 | Hermes UK

    Hermes trials fuel saving technology as part of efficiency initiative

    Hermes has taken delivery of two commercial vehicles featuring Bevan21 bodies as part of an ongoing initiative to achieve operating efficiencies and minimise the environmental impact of its fleet. Hermes will trial the streamlined aerodynamic bodies, capable of making fuel savings of more than 15 per cent, to measure their effectiveness with a view to using them on a further 18 vehicles currently on order.
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  5. Bradford, Feb 11, 2010 | Hermes UK

    Hermes secures largest ever UK home delivery contract with Next

    Hermes has secured a new 8-year contract with Next in the biggest ever home delivery deal within the UK. Under the new agreement, Hermes will continue to handle the delivery requirements for Next Directory which has turnover of over £800 million and over 2.2 million active customers. It will also launch a range of service enhancements to ensure the retailer remains at the forefront of the home delivery market.
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  6. Hamburg, Jan 20, 2010 | Hermes Logistik Gruppe Deutschland GmbH

    Hermes Growing: Foundation Stone Laid for North German Hub in Langenhangen Near Hanover

    Hermes is expanding its Germany operations to include a new distribution centre in Langenhagen near Hanover. A total of 35 million euros has been invested in the new site that will provide work for 150 full-time employees. The hub will be handed over in January 2011 and will process up to 60 million parcel a year, deploying state-of-the-art sorting technology.
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  7. Hamburg, Jan 14, 2010 | Hermes Fulfilment

    Hermes Fulfilment Undertakes Webshop for Seidensticker

    Hermes Fulfilment continues to build on its third-party business. Following the successful acquisition of new clients Tom Tailor and Wolford, the Hamburg-based fulfilment provider has now acquired yet another renowned business partner within a few months - Seidensticker. For the world-famous shirt-maker with the black rose, the Otto Group subsidiary has undertaken all back-office processes for its webshop.
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  8. Hamburg, Jan 13, 2010 | Hermes Europe GmbH

    Hermes: Single Source Solutions on the British Parcel Market

    Hermes continues to build on its international business and particularly spotlights the provision of one-stop services in its cross-border shipments between Germany and the UK. While the competition may be back-pedalling somewhat from the British domestic parcel business, the Hamburg-based logistics provider and its sister company, Hermes UK, are forging ahead to provide efficient a reliable parcel deliveries to the private doorstep.
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  9. Hamburg, Jan 8, 2010 | Hermes Logistik Gruppe Deutschland GmbH

    Despite the Wintry Conditions, Hermes Chalks Up Another Record in its Christmas Operations

    Despite the pre-Christmas snow chaos and kilometre-long tailbacks on Germany’s roads, Hermes kept its Christmas delivery promise in a record 99.3 percent of deliveries, while shipping 20 percent more parcels than the previous year.
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  10. Hamburg, Dec 10, 2008 | Hermes Logistik Gruppe Deutschland GmbH

    Hermes and DPD explore options for closer collaboration

    The Hermes Logistik Gruppe (HLG) and DPD are currently examining ways of intensifying their previously intermittent alliance. At present, the two companies are looking into ways of providing common services and into leveraging synergies arising from the cooperative exploitation of the available infrastructure and transport capacities.
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