Hermes Mobile App Help

1. What does this app do?

This app provides tracking information for parcels from major retailers, delivered to you by Hermes.

Additionally, the app will send notifications to your phone at key stages until your parcel is delivered to you.

2. Which retailers can I track my parcels for?

If you have made a purchase from any of the retailers below, you can track your parcel delivery progress using the Hermes Parcel Manager Mobile App:-

Asda, ASOS, Beautybay, Betterware, Stella & Dot, Boden, Boohoo, Brooklyn Trading, Charles Tyrwhitt, Chums, Clarks, Cotton Traders, Debenhams, Designer Habitat, Disney Store, Dobbies Garden Centre, Dunelm Mill, Find Me A Gift, Get The Label, Home Bargains, JD Sports, Joe Borwns, Kiddicare, Lakeland, Ligo, Mackays (M&Co), Moss Bros, Music Magpie, New Look, Online Home Shop, Poetry, PrettyLittleThing, River Island, Sandpiper Books Smyths,, Superdry, F&F Clothing (Tesco), The Book People, The Hut Group, TK Maxx, Universal Textiles, YoursClothing, Wrap and Zara.

3. What do the tracking icons mean?

Received by Hermes
Your parcel has been received by Hermes. It is being processed and ready for delivery to your local depot.
You can view your detailed tracking information by clicking on the parcel.

Received by your local courier
Your local Hermes courier has received your parcel and will attempt to deliver your parcel today.

On its way to your chosen ParcelShop
If you have selected to have your parcel delivered to one of our local ParcelShops then you may see this logo.

In transit to your chosen ParcelShop
This means that your ParcelShop driver has received your parcel and is in transit to your chosen ParcelShop.
A ParcelShop is a local convenience store which is open early until late and provides you with a more flexible option for receiving or returning parcels. If you are unable to be home or have no “safe place”, you can now collect your parcels or drop off your returns at a ParcelShop of your choice and a time.
Click here to find your local ParcelShop.

Successfully Delivered
Your parcel has been delivered.
The app will tell you on the details screen where we have delivered your parcel. This can include a safe place, neighbour and ParcelShop.

4. What does the colour coding mean?

Blue status
Blue means you have a new update. Click on your parcel to view your most recent tracking events.

Grey status
You can also view your parcel details by clicking on your Push notification. Once you have viewed your parcel update, the parcel will turn grey.

Green status
If your parcel is coloured green, this means that your Parcel has been successfully delivered!

5. Can I track parcel deliveries which have been delivered via myHermes?

You will only be able to track parcels which you have ordered from the retailers listed in the Help Page.

6. How long will the app display my parcels for?

The app will display all active parcels for a period of 28 days after your most recent tracking status. For example, if your parcel has been successfully delivered, your parcel will remain visible for a further 28 day period. You do not need to delete the record, it will automatically remove itself from the app.

7. Why has my parcel been delayed?

In the event that the delivery of your parcel is delayed, updates within the Hermes Mobile App will let you know about any holdups. If you would like to enquire further into a delay, please contact the retailer.

8. Why is my parcel not displayed?

Your parcel may not be displayed on the Hermes Mobile App for a number of reasons:

  • Your parcel may not have reached us yet. Your parcel may be still with your retailer or may be in transit to us.
  • We may not be the delivery option for the retailer. Please contact the retailer for confirmation that your parcel is being delivered by Hermes.
  • We display parcels on the app for 28 days. After this point, the Hermes Mobile App will not display your parcel tracking details.
  • You may have used a different e-mail address to purchase your item to the one you entered when registering to the app. You can log in using an alternative e-mail address (you will be asked to go through a verification process before we can log you on).
  • You might be experiencing connectivity issues. Try leaving and re-opening the app once you have a connection.

9. What is the search function for?

If the retailer did not provide us with your e-mail address, you may need to search for your parcel using our search function. You will need to enter your 16 digit tracking number and the delivery postcode.

10. Can I see parcels for multiple delivery addresses

You can track parcels for multiple delivery addresses if they were ordered using the e-mail account you used to log into the app as long as the retailer has provided Hermes with your e-mail address. Remember, you can log out and log in with an alternative e-mail address.

11. Can I turn off Push Notifications

You can turn off your Push Notifications by accessing the following on your device:
Settings > Notification centre > Hermes

You can turn off your Push Notifications by simply accessing the Settings page on the Hermes Mobile App.

12. Can I turn on Push Notifications?

You can turn on your Push Notifications by accessing the following on your device:
Settings > Notification centre > Hermes

You can turn on your Push Notifications by simply accessing the Settings page on the Hermes Mobile App.

13. How do I find my tracking/order number?

Within the app
Both your tracking number and order number (if we receive this from the retailer) should be displayed on the ‘My Parcels’ and ‘My Parcel’ Screen.

Outside the app
You may have been provided with an order/confirmation number from the retailer whom you ordered from. Check your e-mails for an order confirmation.

14. Who should I contact if I have a query about my delivery

If you have a query about your parcel delivery, please contact the retailer.

15. Why does the app only display half of my postcode?

We do not display the first four characters of your postcode for security reasons. The Hermes parcel Manager App does not hold any personal data to protect you in the event of a theft.

16. Can I track overseas deliveries?

Hermes Mobile App tracks parcels for domestic delivery addresses only. We cannot track parcels which are not delivered to a UK postcode.

17. Can I track deliveries from overseas to a UK address?

Yes, Hermes Mobile App tracks all parcels for domestic delivery addresses. To check which retailers use this App, please refer to FAQ #1.

18. What is your Privacy Policy?

You can access our Privacy Policy from the Settings page with in the Hermes Mobile App.

19. How can I leave feedback?

If you would like to leave any feedback on the Hermes Mobile App, please do so by e-mailing us.