Safe operation: Shop and content management

It looks good. It provides expert information quickly. And it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes your shop your best salesperson. However, in order for it to always satisfy your customers and attract new ones, it also requires excellent management.

Hermes NexTec ensures comprehensive safe operation of your sales machine in five areas:

1. Shop management

Increasing the range? Optimised customer loyalty? In order to design the online shop to suit your individual requirements, navigation and sorting are created according to your ideas. To present your online shop well in e-commerce over the long term, there is continuous maintenance of all pages and their content, images and teasers. The same is also true for all item and master data, of course. In this way we manage your shop and you can focus on your core competencies.

2. Content management

Whether text, image, audio, or video – all these data and files are used to attract new customers and retain existing ones. In consultation with you, Hermes NexTec carefully and precisely manages the content belonging to the online shop throughout its life cycle. In addition, actions, campaigns, discounts and new products are created and integrated through landing pages on an ongoing basis.

3. Content production

An online shop serves first and foremost as a showcase. An appealing product presentation thus facilitates access for customers and is key for positive purchasing decisions. If required, the professionals at Hermes NexTec will take care of all content management for you: Target group and brand-oriented product descriptions, informative and SEO-relevant product and shop texts, and photography putting your products in the best light are among our service modules that exquisitely support your sales.

4. Business intelligence & data analysis

In addition to the powerful shopping cart software, ongoing analyses and constant improvements are essential for the successful operation of an online shop. With comprehensive services in the field of SEO, usability, data review and assessment, and on-site marketing, Hermes NexTec offers you all the instruments that make you aware of where you stand among the competitors. These include classic indicators such as visit rates, average shopping cart values, and conversion rates. We also further develop the front-end design continuously and use web studies, A/B testing and customer surveys to provide potential to improve your processes steadily and achieve the best customer experience.

5. Product development

Every online retailer knows: A web shop is never really finished. Hermes NexTec therefore acts in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement: learn, optimise, learn new things and optimise again and better. From continuous development of all shop structures and functions, findings result which we pass on to our clients. These can be numbers that you use for compelling campaigns. These can be recommendations for the presentation of items. These can be innovative apps and new business models. These can even be ideas that we do not yet know today. But tomorrow we will.

  • Marketing and operation
  • Further development and control
  • Analysis
  • Optimisation

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