Transformational effect: Online marketing

The online shop is brilliant. The machines under and behind it are all running smoothly. Now it is time to get measurable responses from customers. Here Hermes NexTec optimises the marketing performance of your Web store – across all channels and proximate to people’s needs.

The performance marketing experts at Hermes NexTec focus on attracting new customers, retaining existing ones and in this way directly increasing sales of your online shop. For this purpose, the appropriate marketing tools are used in a tailored fashion. In addition to instruments such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), we offer display advertising and e-mail, affiliate and social media marketing – either as a package or as a modularly bookable complementary partial solution.

The goal is always to establish a long-term relationship between your brands and your customers. With our CRM and various web analytic tools from the areas of business intelligence and data mining, these relationships are first structurally recorded, then carefully prepared and maintained, and finally deepened with a personal appeal – as you plan it. Online marketing with Hermes NexTec: An effective measure with a resounding promise of success.

  • Planning
  • Implementation & operation
  • Tracking & controlling
  • Permanent optimisation

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