Parcel Manager

Parcel Manager

We update your customers so you don’t have to

Hermes Parcel Manager can help you provide the right information to your customers.

Without the added cost of a direct contact!

Our Hermes Parcel Manager service helps you proactively update your customers on the progress of their parcel delivery.

Through a combination of either SMS, Email or Mobile App Push notifications, our real-time parcel updates mean your customers are always kept informed.

Key features of Parcel Manager:

  • 2 Key Parcel Journey Updates We will tell your customers when our courier has their parcel and confirm when it has been delivered. More updates available on request.
  • Choice of 3 notification options You can decide how we tell your customers, from a choice of Email, SMS or Mobile App Push.
  • ETA Timeslot We can provide a 4 hour delivery time window in your customer’s update if you add on our ETA Service.
  • Tracking We will include either a tracking number or a link so your customers can track our progress themselves.
  • Standard and Next Day Delivery We give you the option to add Hermes Parcel Manager to both our Next Day and Standard delivery services.
  • Personalisation You can add your logo with our Email option and can tailor the message to suit your brand. Subject to availability.