Hermes Messenger

Hermes Messenger

How many people pay attention to the sales messages you send them?

Over 97% of SMS messages are read within 5 seconds of being received.

It’s a channel proven to deliver results!

Hermes Messenger is a new online SMS platform, designed to help you easily communicate with your customers. From a single message, to a campaign of thousands, Hermes Messenger lets you create, personalise and send your own SMS messages, directly from a self-serve online platform. You can easily manage your contacts, provide valuable information and hold 2-way conversations with your customers, attaching anything from web links to videos.

And that’s not all...

With Hermes Messenger you can even create and send your own branded mobile pages, tickets, vouchers or surveys, giving you the ability to create a full customer campaign – no developers skills required.

What’s more, you can fully track the performance of any SMS campaign, from monitoring the performance or your SMS messages, to analysing web clicks. So from the delivery status of the message, to evaluating customer feedback, you’ll have the full picture.

Find out why SMS has become a preferred communication channel for your customers here.

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