Putting choice and convenience at the heart of every online shopping and parcel delivery experience

We believe that consumer choice and convenience should be at the heart of every online shopping and parcel delivery experience.

We have launched ETA to remove this hassle for your customers by giving them an allocated time window for delivery and collection.

ETA helps you enhance the customer experience by giving your customers more accurate information about their parcel delivery or collection.

Key features of ETA:

  • Four hour time window We will provide your customer a 4-hour time window for their parcel delivery or collection
  • Notifications We will help you send notifications to your customers through our Hermes Parcel Manager service
  • Tracking Points We’ll provide access to our ETA tracking points so you can share it on your channels
  • ETA in Hermes Web Tracking We will add ETA information to Hermes web tracking, so your customers can access up to date information online
  • Changed/ updated notifications We will send notifications to your customers if our courier has to change the time window
  • Management information We will tell you how we’re doing through our ETA management information reports

But don't just take our word for it, find out how our ETA service saved one client time and money read more (124 KB)