Freedom without borders, trade without borders

With the expansion of the European Union to 28 member states, the European market has become the largest in the world, founded on the core freedoms represented by the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital.

So it is no wonder that Europe represents such an important sphere of activities for Hermes in terms of international operations. Hermes was relatively early in venturing abroad with its own subsidiaries: the successful German model was adapted for Austria in 2007, and then there was the leap into the United Kingdom and Italy in 2009. Furthermore, Hermes delivers to many other countries with logistics partners on location, from Belgium to France, Lithuania to the Netherlands, Portugal to the Czech Republic. Hermes reaches a total of 24 countries in the EU , and more will follow. The boom in cross-border e-commerce demands this holistic approach.

However, Hermes is not limited to the EU alone. In 2012, operations expanded to Russia, the largest country in the world.

Parcel shipment in Germany

Hermes is Germany's largest independent home delivery operator. Hermes has more than one million doorstep contacts each day and with its wide range of innovative services it provides top-drawer B2C parcel services for a broad spectrum of vendors. Find out more about the full-range Hermes portfolio in Germany.


Parcel shipment in Austria

In Austria, Hermes provides both national and international logistics solutions. We operate the largest independent network of drop-off/pick-up points for mail-order returns and for private parcel shipments to Austria and the rest of Europe. Find out more about our parcel services and the full-range Hermes portfolio in Austria.


Parcel shipment in Italy

Hermes provides a comprehensive range of parcel delivery services to households throughout Italy (mainland and islands), including returns. . Stated-day deliveries and COD are just some of the extensive services on offer. Find out more about our parcel services and the full-range Hermes portfolio in Italy.