Father’s Day 2015 – What’s in store for pa?

With Father’s day looming just around the corner, many UK consumers are eagerly making their plans to treat Dad to something special. But what are they planning to buy and when? How late will they leave it to purchase? We commissioned TLF to carry out independent research into their plans which unveiled some interesting findings.

Who’s buying?

A huge 50% of UK consumers aren’t planning to buy a gift for Father’s day. Of the remaining 50% who will treat their Dad, 13% intend to purchase online and 27% in store, with 10% stating that they intend to shop both online and in store. Lucky pa!

Are you planning to buy your Father's day gifts online or in store? Frequency Percent
Online253 12.6%
In store53926.8%
N/A - I won`t be buying a Father`s day gift1,00950.2%

In terms of demographics, 17% of 19-24 year olds are the group most likely plan to buy online, compared to just 11.5% of 45-54 year olds.

What’s Dad getting?

Close your eyes now if you’re a Dad! Clothes, vouchers and aftershave are the most popular gifts to be purchased overall, but it seems that older Dads will enjoy a tipple of alcohol heading their way from their children aged 45-54 (21%).

What are you planning to buy / order?18 to 2425 to 3435 to 4245 to 5455 to 6465+
Clothes47.6%42.7%32.0%24.7%38.9% 25.0%
Voucher27.0%35.7% 23.3%15.3% 15.3%25.0%
Aftershave20.6% 30.9% 29.3% 18.4%16.7% 8.3%
Experience day14.3%18.4%11.7% 4.7% 4.2%5.6%
Meal14.3%9.3% 9.4%7.4%11.1% 16.7%
Alcohol12.7% 11.7%15.0%21.1%15.3% 22.2%
Other15.9% 13.1%24.1%28.9%20.8%13.9%

How much will be spent?

Most people plan to spend between £21-£50 on a gift for Dad and the males are the most generous of the sexes, with 25% planning to spend £51 compared to 20% of females.

Those planning to buy Dad a tipple are likely to be located in Northern Ireland (21%), Wales (21%) and South West England. Republic of Ireland and South East England with 55% and 47% planning to buy their Dad clothes. 17% of those in central England are treating their Dad to an experience day, which is significantly higher than anywhere else in the country.

How much are you planning to spend?FrequencyPercent
Up to £10969.6%
£11 to £20 29729.6%
£21 to £50395 39.4%
£51 to £8014714.7%
£81 to £100 494.9%
£101+18 1.8%

How late do they plan to buy?

A surprising 9% are late shoppers, leaving it until on the day to buy their gifts! The majority of people leave it on average a week before to buy their gifts (42% of females and 48% of men). The main difference is women are the most organised with 10% buying at least one month before Dad’s big day!

How late do you leave it when it comes to buying your Father's Day gifts?FemaleMale
On the day8.8%9.0%
Day before22.1%22.3%
Week before42.1%48.0%
Fortnight before16.8% 16.2%
Month before10.2% 4.6%

*In May 2015 The Leadership Factor surveyed 2011 consumers across the UK (via online omnibus).