Hermes Italia S.p.A.

About us

Hermes Italia S.p.A. is a leading company in the area of distribution to consumers, B2C Business To Consumer. “Delivering becomes easy” with Hermes Italia S.p.A. thanks to a widespread network present on the whole national territory, made by:

  • 1 automated HUB in Milan ,
  • 1 cross docking platform in Rome,
  • 65 Transit Points,
  • a network of over 1,000 drivers.

The company was set up in 2009 as a result of the partial division of the Swiss Post Porta a Porta S.p.A. company, in order to separate the distribution activities from international mailing and logistics. The specific know how about home deliveries allowed us to achieve the objective of over 5 million delivered packages as early as 2009.

Hermes Italia S.p.A. is a leading company in door to door distribution to consumers, with cash payment on delivery. As a member of the Hermes Europe Group it is part of a great international network present in 5 Countries (Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, and Russia) and a partner in Switzerland and Benelux. A strong competitive advantage compared to our competitors, that will help Hermes Italia S.p.A. to grow consistently over time … Europe, we have arrived!

Vision and Mission


To be the ideal and privileged partner, in Italy, for the logistic and distributive support needed by companies specialized in distance sales to consumers.

We offer our customers:

  • accuracy and reliability in the phase of distribution to the consumers’ doorstep,
  • precision and safety in the management of all the operative and administrative steps of the payment collection activities,
  • flexibility in customizing our services.


To increase our capacity of logistics and distribution operations by 5,000,000 annual orders within 2010. We aim at making our network even stronger, now already distributed on the whole national territory, including over 65 transit points and more than 1,000 drivers, by focusing on the re-distribution system through regional platforms and automated or semi-automated hubs.

We want to become the point of reference, in Italy, for e-commerce and for all the companies that operate in the distance sales area.

Hermes Italia S.p.A. delivering becomes easy!

Hermes Italia S.p.A.

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