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Compliance - i.e. following the law, company guidelines or voluntary self-regulations – is an important aspect of responsible corporate management. People who do not comply with the law or with company guidelines can cause a lot of damage – to the company, to employees and to business partners. This damage can be financial or can damage the company's reputation. A fair whistleblower system helps to uncover violations of laws and regulations and helps to investigate these without delay. It also helps to put a halt to proven wrongdoings and to avoid possible wrongdoings in the future. This electronic whistleblower system Hermes is giving its own employees and external people the chance to submit specific evidence of actual or alleged violations of the law, for example, or of the Hermes Code of Conduct. This evidence will be treated in absolute confidence. It can also be submitted anonymously.

Please note, that your information may lead to an internal investigation (or may have other consequences). It is therefore important that you only make statements or provide details of an incident that you believe to the best of your knowledge to be true. If you deliberately provide wrong or defamatory information, you could face criminal action and serious consequences.

Our whistleblower system records tip-offs concerning infringements of the Code of Conduct, especially when it comes to employment conditions. These tip-offs will then be forwarded to the right people. If you have minor complaints, talk about them first with a person in your direct area of work (e.g. your direct boss or the HR department). Please do not submit any deliberately wrong or defamatory information using this system. Please note that we can only follow up tip-offs if the required details have been filled in or if we can get back in touch with you. So, in your own interest, we would be grateful if you could enter your contact details. We will, of course, treat any information you provide with the utmost confidence. You can find more information on how we handle your data in 'Notes on Data Protection'.

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Your Hermes Social Compliance Team

In our experience, for tip-offs to be handled successfully it is very important that we have the chance to clarify the information supplied. We would therefore be grateful if you could supply your contact details. All tip-offs will be treated with the utmost confidence.


When did it happen? (Date, time, duration, frequency etc.)

Where did it happen? (workplace, tour number, etc.)

Who acted?

What happened? (Please describe the incident in as much detail as possible.)

Did anyone witness the incident? (Is there any written evidence or names of witnesses you would like to provide?)

Please note that the clarification of tip-offs cannot be anonymous in terms of e.g. compensation or working hours in individual cases.

The following formats can be uploaded: pdf, doc, docx, jpeg, tiff (max. 10 MB)

More information on data security can be found in our Data Protection Statement.